Your website should not only look great, it should work for your business by attracting the right type of customers.

If you’re looking for the best Niagara web design, here are the things your website must be.


A standard rule of thumb to consider for all aspects of your web design is visitor experience.

The faster and easier your website loads the more likely someone will stick around to take a closer look.

It’s said about 40% of people will wait no longer than 3 seconds for a website to load before abandoning it. (1)


  • You can check your websites load performance using this tool. The higher performance score the better.

  • Have your images loader faster by optimizing them to be web friendly

  • Choose a hosting provider that offers high performance servers

  • Keep code like JavaScript to a minimum whenever possible

How fast your website loads is a key element of search engine optimization.

All else being equal, Google will choose to display the faster website on page 1 of search results and stick slower ones down the list.

This is especially true for mobile searches where speed and website load size is even more important for a visitor. (2)


This is a must these days since across every industry, the majority of website traffic now comes from mobile devices.

If your website is not mobile responsive it’s time for an upgrade!

Mobile responsive web design leads to better Google rank because it means a better user experience.

mobile friendly Niagara web design

In other words, if your website is not mobile friendly you’ll have a hard time showing up well on Google and when you do get traffic, a high % of those visitors will abandon the website because it’s not easy to use.

Which brings me to the next topic.


Whenever I start sketching web design ideas for a new project I always start by asking myself and the client:

“What are the main reasons someone would visit this website?”

It could be to get a quote, find contact information, see examples of the businesses work, view property listings, schedule an appointment etc,.

Whatever it is should be readily available as soon as someone lands on the website so they do not need to spend a lot of time searching around for what they came to see.

Ain’t nobody got time for that.

There should also be a clean and simple navigation menu available to them no matter what page they’re on or how far down they’ve scrolled.


This is true for all forms of marketing your business is involved with.

Your website should use the same colors, font(s) and overall vibe established by your logo to help build a consistent brand.

People want to feel 100% sure they’ve landed on the right website so if they see a style they don’t immediately recognize from other forms of your business advertising (e.g. store front sign, business card, vehicle graphics etc,) they may tread lightly or abandon altogether.


Rather than boasting about your own accolades and accomplishments, choose to focus on the benefits your customers will receive by working with you instead.

We often tend to be self centered people by nature. We usually care more about what’s in it for us than how great you are.

For example, if writing website content for an auto repair company, instead of something like:

“We have the best mechanics!”

Say something else like:

“Let our experienced experts get you back on the road quickly for a fair price.”


  • Write content as if you’re trying to convince 1 particular person rather than coming across as if you’re speaking to a larger group (remember, we’re self centered and usually want it to be all about us)

  • Try and have an abundance of quality keyword rich content on the home page and other pages you most want to show up on Google search results

  • Make large amounts of text easier to skim through by using sub headings and lists liberally

Depending on your type of business and the industry you serve there may be other things to factor into your web design.

However every business in Niagara, no matter what you sell or provide, will benefit greatly by making sure the web design includes everything listed above.

Tenpine has been offering Niagara web design and digital marketing services to businesses of all shapes and sizes since 2010. Please reach out anytime if you have any questions about this or any other topic.


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