Policies & Procedures

General Agreement

This is an agreement between Tenpine Web Development and you, our client. This agreement is entered into once website development begins upon initial deposit. What constitutes a violation of this agreement is at the discretion of Tenpine Web Development.

Planning & Discussion

We provide as much communication as needed in order to plan, design, development and launch your website. In person meetings are not always necessary but can be available. Email is preferred for the bulk of communication during the process as it allows us to trade images, files, links and screenshots.

Payment Schedule

We require a deposit of 1/2 of the total quote for your project. This deposit is non-refundable. The remaining 1/2 is owed upon completion of the website once all items listed in your projects pre-launch scope have been completed.

If we are providing ongoing digital marketing services we require post dated checks sent prior to the start of the first month (the number of months / post dated checks depends on what is discussed prior to starting the work) or paid via etransfer on the first of each month.

Hosting renewal payments are due on the first of the month in which your website renews and comes with a 30 day payment window.


Your first year of hosting begins at the time when your domain name is pointed to our server. In some cases this involves hosting a temporary "full website in development" page while we get underway with the design and development of your website. This page includes your logo (when applicable) or business name, main contact information, and a message letting the viewer know that a full website is in development. This gives any potential visitors to your website something to see rather than a dead link, and gives you the ability to start sharing and adding your websites URL on social media, buisness cards etc.,

Your domain based emails (if applicable) also become active at the time that the domain name has been pointed to our server. Email hosting is included in the cost of your annual web hosting cost.

Access & Ownership

Once payment has been made in full, you are the owner of your website. We can provide full access to your account on our server and to the files of your website (even just for your own peace of mind and to save the login credentials for safe keeping). If for any reason at anytime you decide to move your website to another provider, you will be given full access and control for your new provider to move the website. We do not provide pro-rated refunds for any unused maintenance or hosting time. Any remaining time is forfeited when you have moved your website.

In many cases we are the administrator and technical representative of your domain name and it is kept under our wing. We use the domain registrar Hover.com. Although we manage and are responsible for your domain name, once you have made full payment for the project, you are the legal owner of the domain name. If for any reason at anytime you decide to move your domain to another provider or into a new account under your own name, you will be given full access and control to move the domain name.


If content that you have posted on your website or email accounts have a negative impact on our server and other clients, and we require time to repair damages to our server or to any websites we are managing, we may charge you for that time.

Domains or email addresses found to be engaged in any of the following may have services suspended:

  • spam
  • phishing
  • C&C nodes, botnets
  • DDoS attacks of any kind
  • net abuse of any kind

Non-Disclosure Agreements

We are happy to sign any NDA’s you would like us to sign. We recognize how valuable your information is and are serious about keeping it safe and protected!